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Fightback Comic


When Foot and Mouth devastated our community in 2001 we pulled together and re-invented ourselves as a tourist destination with leaflets, a website, and the first Moniaive Folk Festival and Comic Festival. Later, after an economic downturn, we re-invented ourselves again as Moniaive Festival Village bringing in a £50,000 grant for winning the 2015 Creative Place Award. So when Covid-19 hit, laying waste all our hard work, we decided we would just have to do it all again with ‘Revitalise Moniaive’. This comic is our first step on the road to recovery. Looking for ways to kickstart this campaign, and alleviate the boredom of the lockdown, it was suggested to Alan Grant he put his skills into action and come up with a ‘fightback’ comic. And here it is. It tells the true story of how this amazing wee village pulled together to defeat the economic and social disturbances to our lives. It portrays just a glimpse of the many amazing people who helped pull this community through these difficult times. It does not attempt to cover the danger to health but rather shows the myriad ways people found to keep the community strong and to help it recover quickly from the effects of the pandemic on businesses, social events and our personal lives. The response to the call for artists was overwhelming (forcing some changes to the original script!). Obviously without the people of Moniaive agreeing to illustrate this comic it would never have happened. Artists range from 4 years old to 88 years old and includes four professional comic book artists who asked to be involved. Thanks to all who took part in this process and who helped fund it. Now you hold the result in your hands we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Sue & Alan Grant Moniaive 2020

Copies £3 each email

Annie Shnapp

Annie 1.jpg

View from Ayr St £30

annie 2.jpg

Tynron Doon £25

Local artist Annie Shnapp has produced a series of original hand-made reduction linocuts featuring Moniaive and surrounding areas. These are available for purchase from Watson's Stores, Moniaive and here.

Contact Annie for details and postage costs.

annie 3.jpg
We like it here.jpeg

Moniaive Jug £25

We like it here £20

Snowy field in Moniaive.jpeg
Moniaive sign.jpeg

Snowy field in Moniaive £30

Moniaive Sign £15

Shaw Wood.jpeg

Shaw Wood £25

Moniaive shed.jpeg

Moniaive shed £25

Moniaive hills.jpeg

Moniaive shills £20

High St Moniaive.jpeg

High St Moniaive £10

Clock Tower, Moniaive.jpeg

Clock tower Moniaive £10


Bardennoch (mini) £5

Auchencheyne Cottage, snow.jpeg

Auchencheyne, snow £20

Auchencheyne Cottage, Moniaive.jpeg

Auchencheyne cottage £20

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